Fresh Start

Back to blogging after a long time out

It’s been a while since I blogged about my progress in learning web development which is mainly due to the fact that I just couldn’t find the time to spare amongst other pressing commitments.

Now that I’ve freed up some time on several fronts, I think it’s about time I started the blog again. This time though, I decided against using as before and move to a Jekyll-based Github pages website instead.

I read about the advantages of static websites and I saw how simple and clean most Jekyll-powered sites looked plus the chance to write my posts in markdown using my favourite editor and push the changes to production using git was too cool to pass up on.

So I forked Jekyll Now on Github, did the initial configuration and was up and running in about 15 minutes. I didn’t want to move my existing content from WordPress over here but if you’re looking to move from WP to Jekyll, there are several ways to transfer your content over.

Update (23-06-2016): I have since rebuilt the site from scratch because I wanted to configure everything myself.

Progress report

I’ve been enjoying myself recently, building stuff and making progress on Free Code Camp. Here’s a list of the projects I’ve completed so far:

I was following the curriculum from top to bottom previously but the recent changes on FCC saw the existing order changed and new projects added, so I’m going to have to go back a bit to do the Tribute Page project project and just finish all the other required modules on the way to certification.

I’ve also improved my Front-End skills by learning Sass. I think it’s a fantastic way to write CSS and I’m already reaping the rewards of writing less code and more organisation and structure to my CSS. I still have a long way to go here but I think I’m off to the right start.

Going forward…

I’d love to get the Front-End certification by May at the latest. I’ve been moving slowly on FCC because I had lots of stuff going at the University and I was freelancing for a couple of sites.

Update(19-05-2016): I was able to claim the Front-End certificate on schedule. Read the blogpost.

It sucked that I could not dedicate a substantial portion of my time to FCC and for this reason, I decided to clear out my chest of commitments a little bit and free up more time to code so that I can move more quickly.

I will be writing here at least twice a week about how I’m coming along on FCC, web development in general and how I try to stay productive on a day to day basis.

If you want to reach out or connect with me, you can find me on Twitter or email me.